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I Have enough things on here now that I figured that I should have a post that has links to all of my major works such as art, fanfic, or other original works. Other things, like how I'm feeling or little blurbs and random stuff wont be archived on here.

So here's the master list:
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Status Post

I decided to make a post with a list of my current projects and their status. This is partly because I need the list in order to keep track, despite the documents I have on the computer, besides it will give you a bit of a heads of what I have coming out and when it might be done. And maybe you could even make some requests if they like.

List By Show/Movie:Collapse )

Time, Time, Oh where has it gone?

My God, where?
I really want to know where it has all gone?
It seems like I never have enough time to get everything I have done.
~Money issues
~Scan Pictures, fix pictures, Scan Slides, fix slides.
~Visit California for the Hols
~Look for a new job (With more reliable hours, hopefully. Or at least a schedule where I'm not heading to work at the last minute)
~Go to work, help my bosses expand the business, feel under appreciated when me suggestions and ideas are ignored, comfort said bosses when THEIR plans to expand fall through.
      ~I mean really, I tell them, if we're going to expand the way we want you need to
      a)Scope out a location in a better more accessible area
      b)Draw up the renovations or building needed
      c)Draw up a plan and outline of current business deals and fequent customers
      d)get a business loan by presenting the business plan
      e) And Finally proceed to build up the business and pay off the loan

I'm sure I wouldn't mind working at a bakery as long as the kitchen and the schedule was more structured, in fact I'd probably love it, but Work is so unreliable and unpredictable that it's causing me undue stress. Really, Going three weeks without any hours what so ever just to suddenly be at work for three days straight pulling between 16-20 hours each day is too much, I can't work like that.

Not to mention all the other things that have gone on in between that I can't remember right now...

OH! I got my wisdom teeth pulled two weeks ago, I almost forgot about that.

Sheesh, Time goes by way to quick.

But don't worry, at least don't worry too much, I have been working on my stories in the few spare moments so there should be some new posts coming up in the next few

Why Pray When You Can Google?

Title: Why Pray When You Can Google?
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 2,080
Pairings: pre-Cougar/Jensen (if you don't want to think that way, just think of them as really good friends, either way works considering there aren't any couple-y innuedos going on.)
Fandom: The Losers
A/N:"I only have eyes for you... and here they are, in this lovely presentation box. All for you." This and the quotes used in this story are from the Sleep Talkin' Man and the quotes are on the internet by the courtesy of his wife, who decided to share these hilarious words with us.

Be careful, some of the content of the site is a bit vulgar, but most of it hilarious and if you're not careful you might end up shooting foodstuffs out you nose.

Words in bold are the quotes used from the site.

Jake Jensen has never done drugs--wait no that's a lie but after that first time, a small bit a Marijuana and really you'd think it wouldn't be that bad but then he's him and things never go right when he wants them to, he swore to never do them again. He doesn't even like taking pain medication when he's hurt if he can help it. Really, not being able to control what came out of his mouth sucked.Collapse )

Ugh, I Hate Being Sick . . .

Okay, so normally I'm pretty good about not getting sick; I live around two kids who go to public school I was my hands regularly and try not to get to close when THEY get sick.

But, with my Crohn's, avoiding it is just a stop-gap measure and when that fails . . . Well then I'm absolutely miserable--I take Immunosuppressants so my immune system is shit. Adding to that, My period normally screws with my gut, which is where the Crohn's effects the most, so my normal mostly pain free day is filled with horrid cramping and pain--it's not fun.

Somehow, this time, my body decided to get my period and catch the flu all at once. My already compromised digestive system has been been hit with two other painful factors that are hard to deal with on a normal basis by themselves and now the only times I feel relatively normal are when I'm sleeping, which doesn't come easily to me either on a regular basis, or when I'm curled in a ball (i.e.: Fetal position). As you can imagine this is currently making life rather difficult to deal with.

Not to mention since my body currently isn't digesting things right, I'm even more anemic than normal and am easily out of breath and exhausted and ever time I stand up I get horribly dizzy and have little black spots in front of my eyes.

So, to summarize, I hate the flu, being female, and Crohn's (and being Anemic which is caused by the Crohn's).

Some one put me out of my misery? Please?

(Btw, if you don't know what Crohn's is feel free to ask me, I don't mind explaining it, I just hate living with it . . .Or feel free to look it up, whatever you feel will give ya the most answers.)

Eek!! Yes!! Yay!!

So, I haven't, obviously, posted anything on here about my obsession about the Mass Effect series.

Well, to be blunt and probably horribly crass about it, I have a large metaphorical hard one for the entire series. In fact besides being angered about losing all of my data for Dragon Age: Origins, which I had done almost all of the side quests for and finished finally, and almost completed CoD: Black Ops, I was infuriated when I lost all of my data on my play-throughs of both ME and ME2. I had decided to play through ME again so I could get the achievement an all the bonuses for importing a character and I lost all of it!!

Don't get me wrong, I like ME but--compared to the second and after being able to play the first twenty minutes of the third before I was kicked out and away from My lil Bro's awesome 40" tv that my PS3 is connected to--it's rather slow moving, your inventory is sucks, an the targeting system is a bit of a pain.

Anyways, so.

The series just keeps getting better. I managed to swing the Collector's edition this time around and when I got into my car after picking it up I bounced in my seat and squealed. Squealed!! The last time I did that was... I think when I saw the beautiful pocket knife my ex got me for Valentine's Day last year, anyways just pointing out that's that is a rare occurrence.

The only thing that kinda makes me sad about my latest acquisition is that my other two installments of the ME series are for my X-Box 360, so now I really can't import my characters over, even though I've been working on getting back to my previous places.

Aw well, I only just made to Mars before u was kicked out so I'll add more tomorrow but--

First thoughts:
-Cool the patch is Velcro so u can stuck it on any jacket I want and not about it being permanent.
-Anderson, I will shoot you if you criticize me one more time, I'm used to ME on the 360 not the PS3!
-Fucking husks, least they go down easier though
-Awesome they upgraded the level up system.

Second thoughts:
-No, damnit they hurt Alenko pretty bad
-Cool, thus must be the body EDI later inhabits
-Stupid fuckin council
-Damn, they switched the Normandy around again, least it's not completely different though.
-Lt. Esteban Cortez in the armory/shuttle bay had a HUSBAND! poor guy sucks that he died in one of the collector attacks. But awesome same sex marriage in a video game, in an NPC no less. Cool.
-Oh look, I'm back on Eden Prime

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Tied Together at the Heart

Title: Tied Together at the Heart
Rating: PG
Word Count: 980
Pairings: Chin Ho-/Danny + Grace
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Series Name: Sequel to Solar Winds
A/N: Written for the shoot_the_curl prompt: "Need You Now"

He had to get to Danny, had to know why his haole was mad enough to actually want to roast someone. His lover usually had much more control over himself than that.Collapse )

Epilogue: These Dust Covered Boots

Title: These Dust Covered Boots
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,821
Pairings: Danny/Steve
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Series Name: Cact, Steel, adn Surf
A/N: Sorry it's taken me so long to find the perfect ending for this. For a while I felt that the last chapter would suffice but I was hit with inspiration, probably brought on by cold medicine and a killer headache, so if it doesn't quite fit tell me please.

It wasn't the Same as the New Mexican Desert he was so used to, filled with Volcanic ash and acid rain, but it was still a desert and that's where he was home.Collapse )


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